progressed synthtrance
by Markus Lindwurm, Munich/Germany

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CYGNOTIC combines the timeless synthetic moods of the classic golden analog era with an evocative and modern mixed up style to a creation for the next platinum electronic millenium. The trancelike, transfigured and ambient parts are reflected by the melodical driven pulsating Cygnotic structures keeping the tracks fresh, organic and alive. Blubbering Moogs and pulsating sequencerlines meet with tribal grooves, overtoned synthleads and deep moody pads crossing the fields of ambient, trance, psychedelic and classical synthesizers in a unique blend.

  Through The Gates Of
  Nocturnal Sleep

  [2010, Gloomy Epic Electronica]

  1. Indigo Clouds
  2. Knight Moves
  3. East Of Eden
  4. Though The Gates
  5. Nocturnal Sleep
  6. Cerebral Standby
  7. Sublight Assimilated
  8. Beyond The Light
  9. Heimkehr

  Space Harmonics (EP)
  [2008, Space Electronica]

  1. Space Harmonics
      (extended version)
  2. Space Harmonics
  3. Interstellar
  4. Ambient Flight
  5. Space Harmonics
      (album version)

  Reflections from the Future
  (Erinnerungen an die Zukunft)
  [2008, Space Electronica]

  1. Space Harmonics
  2. Ambientic
  3. It Came From Space
  4. Quantenfluktuation
  5. Nocturnal Sun
  6. Jenseitsflugmaschine
  7. Event Horizon
  8. Transmediale Protokolle
  9. Ad Infinitum

   Of Mental Transcendence
   [1998, Trance & Ambient-Chill-Out]

   1. Gliding Though Liquid Light
   2. Wavelengths
       Of Mental Transcendence
   3. And Away We Go

   4. Wavedrifter (Om-Sai)
   5. Stratosfearless
   6. Neverending Hope (Sad Waverider)
   7. Dreamloop